Filter dataset based on other dataset parameter

I have 2 datasets:

Set 1:

Set 2:

and 2 Controls linked to datafields:
Set1 UUID ← Only relevant values are shown according to the Set 1 category control.
Set1 Category

The controls are linked to Parameters UUID and Category respectively.

I want to filter on the category of dataset 1 and pass the resulting UUIDs from set 1 as a filter on dataset 2.

It is possible if the resulting UUIDs are less than 1000. since i can ‘select all’ in the UUID control which is then passed to dataset2

however for more than a 1000 results this doesnt work (no select all option). Also it would be great if the select all step was not needed and the relevant value filter is passed automatically.

I realize joining the datasets would give the desired result as well. however this is not possible due to the size of them. (Error Type: DATA_SOURCE_CAPACITY_EXCEPTION). Also it would unnecessarily fill up SPICE.

You can do this with a direct query. Although I believe it’s only in preview mode (could be wrong).

You would create the parameter at the dataset level and then use it in your analysis to add to your query.