Filter types not working except the "Equals" type

I cant figure out why but the filter types are not working for me except “equals”. I was applying filter to a date field and after facing issues, I tried converting it to a string using formatDate and then apply the filter but even with that it was not working except with equals.
is anyone else facing this issue?

Wondering if the issue is that your dates have time component (hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds) that are not displayed by default. In this case, creating calculated field using truncDate - Amazon QuickSight function should help you remove parts of the date that you don’t care about.

If the issue is different, please describe in more details what you are trying to do and what is not working.

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wow okay, that worked. thank you so much!! my date did have hours seconds and milliseconds etc
i guess this is how it works? if the date is like that then we have to use truncDate