Graphing absolute values

Trying to graph absolute values, however, the field value only allow me to use aggregate values. I have convereted the valued from dimension to measured. There appears to be no difference.

Can you give me an example of what you are looking for?

If you are grouping them on an axis they need to be aggregated.


QuickSight will group measures on all visuals by default.
Only visual wherein you can show the raw data, as it exists in your dataset, is the table visual.
You can get this effect by dropping all the required fields into the Value field well of the table (leaving the Group by field well empty).

If you need prevent measures from being aggregated in other chart types, you have to add another dimension (or enhance the dimension being used) to bring in the granularity that you need.

We do have a PFR in queue for allowing non-aggregated values to be plotted on scatter plots.
If your use case is similar, please have your AWS Technical Account Manager / Solution Architect file a customer influence against this PFR - Internal link
If your use case is different or you don’t have an assigned TAM/SA, please message me directly (click my user name above for the option) with details and I will add new PFR / customer influence entry on your behalf.

Marking this as solution to your question.

Arun Santhosh