Help with Fallen Angel

I’m trying to assign fallen angles within my analysis to provide a visual of all contacts who previously owned our product but now do not. I have a parameter for the start date and product through a control to let the user dictate the date range they want. I’m having issues showing all data past that date.

Rule: Identify all records at start date that have account balance > 0 and end date AUM = 0

Visual: Show a table with a list of all records in that criteria with sales data during the start and end range.

Issue: When I flag the “start” population, I can only filter on that month of data, it won’t show any data prior. I don’t have access to update the source view / warehouse and need to do this in QuickSight.

In the attached example, the parameter would be start date = Dec-23 and Product = QQQ. Person A would be flagged as a Fallen Angel and should show up in my visual. They had account balance > 0 on Dec-23 in QQQ and now do not. If the product was flipped to JKL, only Person B would show up as Person A still has an account balance > 0.

Any ideas how I can best do this via calculated fields in the data set or analysis?

hi @Kmllr15 - first of all, welcome to the QuickSight community :slight_smile:

I think your column names may not be how you intended them to be? My understanding is Dec-23 should be actually Dec-22, and similarly some of the other columns might be from 2022 as well. Because then you would be comparing Dec-22, Person A for product QQQ had $50k, but in June-23, they didn’t. Is that correct?

Also, can you please let me know how your raw data within QuickSight is organised, in terms of rows and columns? Screenshot with some dummy data would be great to help you further here. Thanks.

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