Hidden Visuals blocking Print function on Dashboard mode

When trying to Print from the dashboard, I can do Export>Print>Go to Preview, but after that, the next Print option is disabled. I tried the same steps in the Analysis version and those work fine. It seems to be linked to having some of the visuals hidden by default, as when I disable this feature, the printing is enabled again in the Dashboard version. Is this intended or glitch?

Thank you, this is not the experience we intended. We have taken note, and will be working on resolving this quickly.

Hi Rahul,
We’ve embedded a dashboard, having a control hidden based on rule. The problem is, when trying to print, it keeps us from printing saying there are hidden visuals. Is this also going to be addressed?
Should we roll back and stop using the dashboard?

Hi Eduardo, this issue should now have been resolved. Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues, otherwise you can mark the question as resolved.

Hi Rahul,

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll try it out!


please check as the issue persists.

  • Created a couple of parameters then controls based on them.
  • Moved the controls to the sheet and added a Rule to hide them based on the data I’m displaying.
  • While I can print in the analysis mode, the print option shows up as disabled once we publish a dashboard of it.
    This has been done using the Free-Form Layout format.

Is this something you’re addressing?

Hi Eduardo,

Looks like we will need to get more information from you to ensure that we are addressing the issue that you are experiencing.

Here are the steps to open a support case so that we can help you further: Creating support cases and case management - AWS Support. If your company has an internal IT team, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team. They’ll open an AWS Support case on your behalf.