Horizontal bar chart for the Serverless data lake day demo

  1. Click the Save & visualize button to be brought to the “Analysis” window where you can start creating your dashboard.
  2. In the lower left, set the Visual type to Horizontal bar chart (you must hover over the shapes to see their names).
  3. From the Field list, drag the department column to the Y-Axis box.
  4. From the Field list, drag the price column to the Value box.
  5. From the Field list, drag the product column to the Group/Color box.
  6. Left-click one of the horizontal bars in the chart and choose Focus only on … (just to demo drill-down features)
  7. the visualization looks something like the following and cannot see the expected Horizontal bar chart:

May I know the reason?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Nancy,

Can you check and confirm, if the data is loaded 100% and are there are any additional filters/action filters applied, which limits visuals to show the graphs.

I have tried same exact steps and can see the horizontal bar graph displayed for specific value I chose to focus on

  1. Y axis - Segment, X axis - Product and Sales as Value/Measure
    Focus on “Strategic” Segment

  2. Filter for Strategic segment added and visual shows Horizontal bar graph focusing on strategix only

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