How can I filter for previous work day?

We have an analysis which shows data of the previous day. As we do not have data on weekends, the dashboards are empty on Mondays. Currently, we have a relative filter for the previous day.

Is there a way to filter for the previous workday? On Monday, Data from last Friday 00:00:00 should be shown. On Tuesday, data from Monday 00:00:00 should be shown.

How can I achieve that?

I think I got it.

First you’ll want to check if today is Monday and then add two days to your timestamp field so that “Friday” becomes “Sunday” to QuickSight.

bring up two days if monday else regular = ifelse(extract(‘WD’,now())=2,addDateTime(2,‘DD’,{arrival_timestamp}),{arrival_timestamp})

Then you filter your visual based on your newly calculated field to be the previous day.

Let me know if that works!