How can I get the "invite users" -button visible at "Manage Users" -tab?

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Hi @Eero_Lehtonen
You can send invite for “QuickSight” type users only.

So, Invite users button will be visible, if the account was signed up with “Authentication Method” as “Use IAM Federated Identities and QuickSight Managed Users”. Your account was probably signed up using one of other options shown in the image below


Is it possible to change the user type afterwards into “QuickSight” -type? Or do I need to create a new user profile for me to get the feature working?

This isn’t something that is possible to change once the QuickSight account has been created. You would need to create a new QuickSight account. I’ll mark this as a feature request though

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Please do, it would make my life a lot easier that every user that needs to access our QuickSight does not need have its own AWS user profile.