How can I get top 5 from a measure column by using calculated field

Hi Team,
I have a scenarios like one measure column is there so I need to extract the top 5 measure without using any top & bottom filter.

please check this link: Rank - Amazon QuickSight

you can use rank and also make two rank calculations like below

ifelse({rank_field_ASC}<5 OR {rank_field_DSC}<5,{value_field},NULL)


Thanks @ringgo for your quick help.
But I need in details, please find below my calculated field


so from this calculated field only I want to select TOP 5 from all like User Name, Total Time Spent, Page Description so @ringgo please give me in details so that I write the same in my calculated field.
When I am using Rank() I am facing error like syntax error so I am not able to do that.

what is your syntax error saying?

You’re saying rank([{calculated_field} DESC]) doesn’t work?

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