How do I restore an analysis after accidentally deleting it?

I accidentally deleted a dashboard and the analysis and am trying to recover it, but I didn’t mark down the analysis ID.

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An Analysis when deleted would be marked for deletion and be available to list via API/CLI (until the retention period. Default retention period is 30 days, unless an explicit value is provided via API/CLI).
For example, I deleted an analysis, but when listing all analyses in my account, I can still see the deleted analysis with status as ‘DELETED’. So I can use this API to find the analysis ID.

        "Status": "CREATION_SUCCESSFUL",
        "CreatedTime": "2021-10-19T19:01:24.843000-04:00",
        "LastUpdatedTime": "2021-10-19T19:13:15.970000-04:00"
        "Arn": "arn:aws:quicksight:us-east-1:123456789012:analysis/pole78d1-jjtt-4efe-yyoo-93ccb9127c39",
        "AnalysisId": " pole78d1-jjtt-4efe-yyoo-93ccb9127c39",
        "Name": "analysis - test",
        "Status": "DELETED",
        "CreatedTime": "2020-10-08T11:45:12.259000-04:00",
        "LastUpdatedTime": "2022-02-04T03:31:46.643000-05:00"

I could successfully restore this analysis using the restore API, and the status if the analysis changed to ‘UPDATE_SUCCESSFULL’.

Please list the analyses in your AWS Account and check if the deleted analysis name, ID shows up. You can then use the analysis ID to restore the analysis.

list analysis - ListAnalyses -
restore analysis - RestoreAnalysis -


Please can you share the steps on how to restore the deleted analysis using API?