How do we create an action on a date based field?

I am trying to create a details page from all the pages of the dashboard, where the user can click on the visual from any sheet and can get the events/details specific to the particular selection made.

I was able to create actions for most of the visuals and facing issues while doing that on date based fields.

Example: In the picture attached below, If I click on may2020 bar or the line at a specific month and select an action, I want to see the details within the date range of may 2022.

Also, I have tried using the date parameter but not able to pass a range of start and end dates when selecting a visual.

You may have already solved this, but just in case you haven’t / for others in the future…
If I’ve understood what you’re asking, I think you can achieve this by changing the filter settings on the visualisations you’re looking to apply the parameter to:

Setting “Filter type” as “Relative dates” and then under SET FILTER VALUE setting “Period” as “Months” and “Range” as “This month” will take the whole month range from the single date parameter and apply it to the relevant visualisation(s)