How does runningDistinctCount work? ******QuickSight Guide Has No Instructions*******

I am trying to use the runningDistinctCount function but I can’t figure out the ‘aggregated uniotSet’.

Clicking Learn More when looking at the runningDistinctCount function in the calculated field builder directs to the QuickSight User Guide. However, there are no search results for runningDistinctCount

I have also tried using that but to no avail. To be fair I never saw an announcement about runningDistinctCount() so assumed that it was made available publicly before being fully functional :shushing_face:

However, until now I have always used a workaround to get the same functionality as runningDistinctCount() as follows:

      datetime=minOver({date}, [{user_id}], PRE_AGG),
  [{date} ASC],

This would give you the runningDistinctCount of user_id's over the date field. It achieves it by considering just the first time the user_id appears in the dataset, counting these and finally doing a runningSum on these counts.

Hi. runningDistinctCount() is in progress. We will hide this from the calculation editor for now. Thanks