How much maximum time it will take to visual a single Dimensions and Measure data

Hi Community,
I have a simple doubt like there is any time limits by default where we can see the data in that time duration. Because when I am trying to build any visual in QuickSight it take more than 5 min and also some times it ask me to go to SPICE mode.

So anyone who has experienced the same please guide. It is very frustrating me to create a report.
Importing SPICE mode


Thanks for reaching out. It looks like you are using a Distinct Count which can be an expensive operation on any data platform. Do you need to use a distinct count in this scenario or is a simple count able to work for you? It may also depend on how what database you are using as it seems you are using Direct Query. Are you filtering the data and how many distinct values are there?

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Thanks Sean for your help.