How to change color by field

I want to change red dot color to 3 color by Condition when trend sma is increasing it must be green trend sma is decreasing it must be red trend sma is no trend it must be yellow what should i do?

Hi @Sunpavit
the red dots are presented by which field?

red dot is Show Crown Temp

First idea.
What if just using “Show Crown Temp” as value and “Trend (SMA)” as color?

how i can do because i can’t use trend sma to color because value got many field

Isnt “Trend SMA” just “increase/descrease” as in your table?

it have no trend too but in date filter i command show data only 11 jan-17 jan

Hello @Sunpavit and @ErikG !

@Sunpavit have you been able to resolve this, or find a work around, or are you still working on this issue? If you have found the solution could you share it to help the community?

I think @ErikG is right about the Trend SMA field, but what are all of the values that the field contains? If it is “increasing”, “decreasing” and “same”, for example, you could potentially use that as a way to apply conditional formatting.

Hello @Sunpavit and @ErikG !

@Sunpavit were you able to find a resolution to this and if so could you share your solution in the community? Again, I think @ErikG is correct but it depends on what values are in your Trend SMA field.

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