How to compare a date formated as "MMMM" with the current month?

I’m creating a dashboard that needs to report an error message when a certain field has a month prior to the current month, so if a field was filled with “August”, this error should be exposed in a table that contains the fields that must be updated. However, I’m having some trouble to create the formula that will give me this error message, because the specific field that I said is formated as “MMMM” and the current date is formated as “MM/DD/YYYY”. How can I create a formula to put both date ina equal format and compare them?

hI @pedrohro - Have you tried any of the date functions to extract the month out for comparison? Here is link to the documentation where you can find date related functions that you can use: Extract - Amazon QuickSight


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Hi @pedrohro! Checking in. Were you able to solve your issue using the date functions to compare values? Please respond if you still need assistance. Thanks!