How to connect/import an Athena View into QuickSight?

I have create a view in quicksight which gathers data from two seperate tables and merges them using UNIONALL. Is there a way to use this view as a datasource for a dataset in quicksight? i.e. use this merged view and be able to import it into quicksight.

Hi @HarveyB-B
you mean


Yes and no. i want to connect to athena and get a datasource in athena, which i know how to do. However i want it to be an athena view / athena federated query, as i have created a federated query to merge two different tables together. Which i then want to import into quicksight as a datasource

hi @HarveyB-B,

there is blog to go through how to connect through Athena Federated Query.

let us know if this helps or not.

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