How to create calculate filed rank?

Hi Guy,

i have duplicate row app id but i need to use total only first row (rank 1).

i would like to

  1. create add calculation filed with rank function
    2 filter by rank = 1


Thanks for help

Hi @Siriphon

Is there any additional field like created date and you want to filter & keep only the latest records ?

If its duplicate records having all the columns having the same value , its better to the Distinct in the underlying datasource through a view or writing a custom sql in QuickSight with Distinct.

Please find a similar request in this community post .


i can’t write sql because of permission level,So i have to write formula on QS only
Could you please advice?

Did you try rank function?

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This is a result when i use rank formula

rank([{af_app_form} ASC])

it should be column c_rank 1 to 9 because count_dup_appform = 9

Thanks for advice.

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Hello @Siriphon , @ErikG , and @apjvinod !

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