How to filter multiple numeric values in calculated field

Hi Experts,

Here i have blocker, i need to achieve this following requirements, in my case some are hard code ids are there for specific requirement as follows.

ifelse(in({Customer_ID}, [001, 002, 003, 005, 006, 010, 025, 035, 055, 060,065,067,085,559,707,950]), ‘Valued_customers’, ‘Not_Valued_customer’)

How to achieve this above requirement, any hacks please help for same
Note: List is too big & i have mentioned only some hand picked customer_ids


Hi @ArnaJi88

string or numeric values?
Is customer_id a string or numeric?

ifelse(in(toString({Customer_ID}), ["001","002","003","005","006","010","025","035","055","060","065","067","085","559","707","950"]), ‘Valued_customers’, ‘Not_Valued_customer’)


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