How to find the % of sales among the total number of all items sales?


I am trying to find the answer for below points,

  1. % of an item sales among the total number of all items sales

  2. from the total sales how many are done online

Meaning total sales is 50,000
5000 are from online sales so it’s 10%.
From the total number of online sales, what is the percentage of a specific platform an item is sold?
Eg: $5000 is the total online sales 20% is from Platform 1, 60% are from Platform B & 5% are from Platform C.

I am using the calculation “percentOfTotal (sum(Sales), [Platform])”, please refer to the attached image

Can someone help me with this!!

Thanks in advance

If you are only using one group by field in the table then you don’t need to use the partition value in the percentOfTotal calculation. I have included screenshot showing percentOfTotal using 2 options - the first has one group by value in the table and the second has two group by values in the table which requires using the partition value in the calculation.

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