How to list unpublished dashboards?

I am doing update on all the dashboards and have to call update_dashboard_published_version subsequently on all of them. I have retry logic and is working fine but I wanted to know if there is an API to search dashboards that were not published.

Hello @alltej - Thank you for your query. When you say “unpublished dashboards”, are you looking for the list of analyses which were not published as dashboards? Can you please confirm?

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@sagmukhe I call update_dashboard. Based on the documentation, the dashboard is not visible/available in quicksight. I have to call the update_dashboard_published_version to publish the new version. But in case of errors, I want to check later for unpublished dashboards. Is there such query/filter or attribute to check if the new version of dashboard updated/created was published or not?

Hi @alltej

Have you tried describe dashboard definition and using that dashboardID??

that should provide published and unpublished dashboards.

Yes but that describe dashboard definition does not provide info of published and unpublished dashboards. The definition does not give list of dashboards. It only returns the one that is published.

hi @alltej

Thank you for your patience - reviewed with one of my peers and he shared the following.

My first thought would be to to use list-dashboards , which gives you the DashboardId and PublishedVersionNumber. Then you can use the list-dashboard-versions to get all versions of a specific dashboards (published and unpublished). On top of that you can apply whatever logic is needed to determine what you’d consider to be an unpublished dashboard (based on version numbers, timestamps, etc.).

If the update resulted in an error you would see a version in creation failed state, and could search for that.

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Hi, Did Ramons suggestion work for you? I’ll mark his post as a solution, but feel free to let us know if you had further questions on this topic.