How to Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Exam?

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anyone share valid exam questions

@Steven4311 : Welcome to AWS QuickSight community. This community is for sharing, exploring and provide recommendations, best practices, blogs, training materials related to AWS QuickSight product. Please post related to AWS QuickSight if you are facing any challenges and issues in your day to day work.

Now let’s come back to your question “How to Pass AWS solution architect certification”. This is not right forum to answer this question , however being an architect, will suggest some details.

  1. if you are new to cloud, start with AWS cloud Practitioner exam first. This will give the foundation layer details and it is highly recommended to do the same.
  2. Register yourself in AWS SKill builder program ( Self-paced digital training on AWS - AWS Skill Builder). This is really good and it has all learning materials and cloud Practitioner quest is highly recommended.
  3. Go to AWS learning and training site ( Cloud Computing Training & Classes - Training and Certification - AWS). They have lots of digital based trainings.
  4. There are lots of 3rd party course material ( like Udemy, Cloud guru, Dojo, Whizlab etc). Those are paid course. Check some courses and see the rating and take one course and understand different services and its capability.
  5. Hands on is highly recommended and create a free account and prepare yourself by doing some usecases.
  6. Go through all services FAQ’s, it is strongly recommended to understand the key functionality of AWS services.
  7. Understand AWS well architected framework (AWS Well-Architected - Build secure, efficient cloud applications)
  8. Enroll some practice tests from different verndors and once you have good understanding , enroll for the exam.

All the best, and please use this community for AWS QuickSight related issues.

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Last month, I failed my exam, but I was able to retake it using the PASS4SUREXAMS study guide. I advise all of my friends to use this site and clear their exams on their first try.


Thanks @EricRobert for sharing this.

Regards - San

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Last month I passed my exam with website: