How to Separate the Call Duration with Controls

I am trying to look at the Call Duration but take out any call duration that is less than 2 mins or 120 secs. Since the Value is currently the Sum of each Day, there is no way to separate the Calls to take out the Calls Duration that is less than a certain amount.
How would I create a filter or control that would take out certain call that the duration is under a certain amount.

@RoyceGoodwin -
Is the data supporting this visual at a granularity of individual calls? If so, you could create a filter where call duration is greater than whatever value you want. This will exclude those calls that are 2 min or less. Screenshot included to show how to build the filter, my variables are not exactly the same as yours.


thank you so much! YOURE THE BEST!

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Thanks @Kellie_Burton! :slight_smile: :tada: