How to Summarize PCPs and there admission by using heatmap or anyother like pivoted table Accordingly

Prepare heatmap kind of report to summarise PCPs based on following criteria:

  • Admission Percentile <= 50 : Green
  • Admission Percentile >= 50 and PCP Visits Percentile > 50 : Light Green
  • PCP Visits Percentile <50 and Admission Percentile between 51 and 75 : Grey
  • PCP Visits Percentile <50 and Admission Percentile between 76 and 90 : Yellow
  • PCP Visits Percentile < 50 and Admission Percentile > 90 : Red

For each block, when clicked should show the list of PCPs with detail cost and utilisation information.

I don’t think you can combine two different metrics on a heat map. Although you can do three colors.

For pivot tables you can have multiple conditions and do it across the whole row / just one column.

In regards to the blocks you can add actions that filter other visuals / drill down.

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@Sushma1 Did Max’s Solution help? I am marking his reply as “Solution” but feel free to uncheck it and let us know if you have any more questions or need anything else to get to a solution.

I am sorry to say Max’s Solution did not help me. Although it might help others who are looking for different techniques .