How to track the frequency of need by date (a given field) changes?

How can the number of times a field has changed it’s value over time be tracked or counted?

Hi @bettyam, Can you please provide the below information to help us understand your requirement:

  • how is your data (table) structured for which you want to track or count the changes?
  • sample data if possible for above
  • how will the information be displayed on the QuickSight dashboard?
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Hi @salim,

  • The data set gives has a filed called “need_by_date” that is in a date format (Month DD, YYYY). When I put them all in a table along with the lambda extract date, I can see that on some extraction days, a ticket will have a change in need by date. However, the table does not show the count of changes. That is what I am trying to calculate.
  • The goal is to have the count of need by date changes to be displayed in a separate column next to the ticket title, ID or folder name.

Can you add a count of need by date?