How to use SearchDashboards for another region (not us-east-1, but us-east-2)

I’m using the PHP v3 SDk for QuickSight. I can successfully create a QSClient and I can list all my dashboards using SearchDashboards. However, it only shows me dashboards in us-east-1 in QuickSight.

When I create my client, I cannot use us-east-2 as my region - it fails. I can only use us-east-1. I can log into the UI and switch regions and see dashboards in each regions. However, the API won’t let me searchdashboards for us-east-2, even if I add the “region => us-east-2” parameter.

Please help!

Hello, can you share the code that creates the client? Can you also confirm that you are configuring the client to connect to the us-east-2 endpoint and not us-east-1? This is separate from the region parameter.

Region/Endpoint references: