How to write formula paid media category?

Hi All,

i would like to create calculation filed to grouping paid media in column C and need to write formula.

i would like to use grouping by campaign name.

1 FB contain text = “facebook” or “fb”
2 GDN contain text = “GDN”
3 SEM contaion text = “SEM_xxx” or ‘sem_xxx’


ps. now i use ifelse formula

ifelse(in({campaign_name},["FB_BigPA23", "FB_BigTAdomes23"]), "Facebook",
in({campaign_name},["GDN_BigTAdomes23", "GDN_BigTAinter23"]), "GDN",
in({campaign_name},["KOL2"]), "KOL",
in({campaign_name},["brand_sem_SCB_pa adult_Conversion_mix"]), "SEM"

, "Other")

Thank for help

Hi @Siriphon You should be able to use contains - Amazon QuickSight function to achieve what you have described. Let us know if this works? Thanks.

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i try to use contain but got some error.


@Siriphon could you post the formula that you used with contains and the corresponding error screenshot please? Thanks!

this is error.

ifelse({campaign_name} = contains({campaign_name}, "fb"), "FB", 

@Siriphon The error is in the formula, just remove everything before ‘=’

Here is a very rudimentary example:



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it work many many thanks !!!

ifelse(contains({campaign_name}, "FB"), "FB", 
contains({campaign_name}, "SEM"), "SEM",
contains({campaign_name}, "GDN"), "GDN",
contains({campaign_name}, "KOL"), "KOL",
contains({campaign_name}, "CI3E"), "FB",


can i use function in() after contain()


ifelse(contains(in({campaign_name}[“FB_BigPA23”, “FB_BigTAdomes23”]), “FB”,

i found an error.

@Siriphon may I ask what do you want to achieve by using ‘in’?

i would like to grouping

CI3E , FB_BigPA23 , FB_BigTAdomes23,TAAll15NY2023,TAInbound55 as a FB

use contain and in formula

many thanks

@Siriphon I am not sure I understood, but I would suggest you use OR operator along with contains if you want to group multiple values into FB for example…

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