Hydra tables not appearing in existing Redshift Cluster, attempting to add new dataset

I’m working on a QS Dashboard using Hydra data through Redshift. When I try to add a new dataset, the Hydra tables I need aren’t showing up as options. I am adding a “new dataset” then attempting to use a Redshift cluster “from existing data sources”. I then choose “public” for “Schema: contain sets of tables” but the Hydra tables I am looking for do not appear as options. I’ve checked that I have the right access and permissions for all the tables I want to use, but they still don’t appear. Another teammate can pull up these tables without issue so I’m not sure why they do not appear for me. Any ideas? Ty!

Hi @QS-chev , thank you for your question. We are reaching out to our experts to get you a reply.

Your teammate can pull these up in Quicksight without a problem?

Do you have edit access to the data source as well?

Hi, thank you for the response. Yesterday, I was able to use a different Redshift Cluster that had the tables I need so that issue has been resolved thankfully. I was then having an issue getting the data to actually import to the dashboard but I see now that there’s a limit of 1M rows so I’ll have to filter out some of the data. Thanks again, the posted issue has been resolved.