I am getting inconsistence boarders for the text table from the dashboard downloaded PDF. is there any settings need to change?

How can i get all boarders from the dashboard PDF


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Hi Gandhi - appears to be a bug

To be clear, are the borders showing on the dashboard in the browser, but not in the PDF?

Alternatively you can adjust the row height by a pixel or two and see if that gives it enough space to draw all the borders. Similar concept, but adjust the dashboard pixel size in the Analysis Settings menu (either on Tiled or Free From mode).

Hi @Jesse,

Yes, all boarders showing on dashboard. if row height is adjusted then getting the horizontal boarders, but missing some vertical boards again.

Thank you so much for your inputs.

Hi Gandhi,

Similar to adjusting row height, do you have vertical boarders appear if you adjust the column width?

Hi @Rahul_Easwar,

I’m getting the same problem where my pivot table has the borders but when exporting to pdf the borders are there for some and missing for other. I’ve adjusted the sheet/column/cell pixels which help some borders appear but then makes others disappear. Has there been a solution?


I will flag this as a bug. There have been multiple issues when exporting to a pdf.