I want to create a calculated field where I need sum of num_of_pos column for all unique hrg_req_id and want to show this number as a Number Card/KPI Card . Please tell me the DAX query/Formula

Screenshot (26)

@sourceease - Thank you for posting your query! Is your KPI visual filtered for a particular hrg_req_id? In what context you want to show the value? Ideally a simple sum(num_of_pos) is what you should be using and that value will change based on whatever data your filters are limiting. Let me know if this help.

if I do simple sum of num_of_pos then it will return sum all rows like in given screenshot it will return 15 but I want total sum should be equals to 6 (2+1+1+1+1) which is calculated once corresponding to distinct hrg_req_id .
I hope now you understood my problem ?

@sourceease - Thanks for the details. Please try to create a calculated field with the following expression:

sum(avg({num_of_pos}, [{hrq_req_id}]))

I have tried to replicate the solution at my end with an example dataset and it is working. Sharing the snapshot as well for reference. Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks sugmukhe for resolving the issue!

@sourceease - Glad that it helped! May I request you please mark the relevant post as “Solution”. That would help the community to find solution to similar problems!