I want to show min and max for a selected date on top of the report

I have a use requirement to show what date i have selected (min and max). This is what I want to show on top of the paginated report’s header section.
Suppose I have selected in a date filter 12th march 2024 to 29th Mar 2024 then the header should show like below.
“Showing report for 03/12/2024 thru 03/29/2024”

How can I achieve this?

Also, which visual is suitable for this header?

Hi @atomar070,
The visual you would need to utilize would be a Text box. Please see this article regarding adding a text box to your report.

If you’re able to add this type of custom parameter text to a paginated report, this is where you’ll be able to choose them.

Let me know if this works solution works for you.

Thank you!

Hi @duncan ,

Thanks for replying. This solution gives the current date but I want that date to change on the basis of my filter selection.

I have got it working using some function with calculated field.