Identify QuickSight Developers

It would be nice if there was a way to easily identify a QuickSight developer from any other user on this site. I just feel like it would make it easier when someone is responding to comments to know if they are an actual developer of QuickSight or another user. Even if it was just a little symbol by their username or something. When I get a direct message or someone says they will “pass something along” I always assume its an amazon employee from context, but it would be helpful to have confirmation.

Tagging @lillie for this request. She can help us understand what’s possible here.


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Thanks Ryane! I’ll see what we can do

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We have a badge QuickSight-Team that we are awarding to our team members. They have the option to add this to their titles. I’ve done this. Hope this helps!

Thank you, I appreciate it!