Implementation of hierarchy in analysis

I have Analysis which bases on two data set. One of them contains information about Notification including different Notification attributes like: Notification number, Notification description, Notification station… and Notification functional Location.
The notification functional location describes the exact location of the notification.
The second data set is “Functional location hierarchy” which details the hierarchy of the location in flatten structure. This hierarchy including 10 levels. So for example the Notification data set could has two rows: notification number 1 could be about location of “Machine A” and notification number 6 that could be about “Engine of Machine A”. And the “functional location hierarchy” data set will describes the relationship between the both location by one row: the the first column of “Level 1” will be “Machin A” and column number two which will be “Level 2” will be “Engine of machine A”.
I’m trying to create a relationship between two visuals - one belongs to “functional location hierarchy” and one belongs to “Notification” so by action, if the user will press on any value in the pivot table (which belongs to “functional location hierarchy”) it will influent the visual of the bar charts -that belongs to “Notifications”. I succeed to do it only for the highest level of the pivot table, so it actually filtering the bar chart visual by mapping fileds. But I don’t success to do it with the other levels. Does anyone have any idea or conclusion please?

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I understand the second Dataset has a flattened hierarchy of location details. For example, if there are two rows about ‘Machine A’, is there a column in both rows that identifies ‘Machine A’?

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Hi @rajjaya,
Thanks for your response! exactly.
Any row refers to other hierarchical chain.
it could be for example of 3 columns (3 levels)
Machin A, Machine engine A, machine engine screw A
Machine A, gear wheel, rotation device
Machine B, drum, screw

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I believe I understand the question, to continue down the hierarchy, I believe you will need a way to discern between the first level and the following levels because the navigation action understands the following: Machine A = First Level of Hierarchy. And I’m not sure if you can apply multiple values in that way.

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