Input Manifest exceeded Threshold for containing more valid URIs


I have this error for one of my Quicksight datasets. I can’t find documentation about this issue.

Error type:
Error details:
Exception during creating Refresh: Input Manifest exceeded Threshold for containing more valid URIs.

Is anyone aware of this issue? We have a lot of files in the S3 bucket and a prefix to pick them all up and it seems there is a limit on how many files we can have in there, but I can’t find any information on this, what is the limit, is this per prefix? Can I add a different S3 bucket or split the folders up and add another prefix or is this limit including all prefixes? If it is then how can I even resolve that?

Happy to be pointed to documentation or other resources that explain this issue in detail, I just can’t find it anywhere!

Hi @Callum ,

Each manifest can specify upto 1000 files Data source quotas - Amazon QuickSight

Take a look at the possibilities with S3 manifest files : Supported formats for Amazon S3 manifest files - Amazon QuickSight

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