IoT datasets cannot be joined, how to perform calculations across datasets?

Hi community,

I have IoT datasets which cannot be joined together in QuickSight.

There are the duration, and quantity in separate datasets. I want to calculate the duration/quantity, and visualise it and compare it with other visualisations.

How can I achieve this?

Many thanks!

Hi @leiyang

We can join two QuickSight Datasets in SPICE mode to derive any calculated fields by combining attributes from the datasets.

Please follow the below steps to join two IoT datasets in QuickSight SPICE mode

  1. Create two separate QuickSight Datasource for each of the IoT Analytics Dataset
  2. Create two separate QuickSight Datasets by connecting to each of the previously created QuickSight Datasource (ensure query mode is SPICE)
  3. Find the newly created QuickSight Datasets in the Dataset console and click on the three dots (on any one of the new datasets) and select Use in a new dataset option
  4. Now you will see the QuickSight Dataset prep canvas , on the right side click on “Add data–>DataSet–>relevant QuickSIght Dataset” and establish the join between two-datasets.


One more option is to try joining datasets in IoT Analytics itself and transform the data .


Hi @apjvinod - Thanks for the details… Just out of curiosity, do you think we should SPICE the IOT data sets, imagine there is always stream of data coming in real time and your data needs to be refresh to see the reports in real time. So SPICE may not be a good idea over here, rather direct query. What is your view on this?

Regards - San

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