Is it possible to alphabetize the top rank in an insight chart?

I created a top ranking list in an insight chart, but the names are not appearing in alphabetical order, would that be possible to do or is there any other way I can show a list of names in this type of chart, without having to use top or bottom ranking?

You can accomplish this with a rank of your list.

Here is the calculated field you could use (substitute in your field besides {client_id[users]})

rank_alphabetical = rank([{client_id[users]} ASC],[])

Here is how it would look on a table.

Now in your insight you create a top ranked (or bottom ranked if you want to go from a to z instead of z to a)

Add your rank to the values and your list to the categoreis field wells


Then you can create a top ranked computation.

Finally here is how it would look!

Let me know if that helps!