Is the "PercentOfTotal" having a bug?

I was using the following formula in my calculated filed “Y%”:


But I am getting a result which is incorrect (shown in picture):
1 is just the number formatting (it shows up as 100% when I change the formatting).

The picture is just an example. I did the same calculation earlier on a different analysis with same fields and formula and didn’t get the error.

Q1: Is this a bug?
Q2: Where am I going wrong?

That is because you are partitioning by name.

If you take away the name it will do the percent of total over the whole table.

Essentially when you partition by name you are saying each name will come out to be 100% and I want to look at what makes up the name.


This is what you want.

Hi @Shashwat

Checking in. Have you been able to resolve this ? We have not heard back from you regarding your question. If we do not hear back in the next 4 days, we will archive the question.