Is there a way to combine sum total from 2 visuals with different x-axis?

i have 2 summaries as below, one is the PO change count based on change date(group by month) the other is the PO shipped count based on cm_actual_departure_dt_554(group by month)

are we able to create a summary to compare PO change count vs PO shipped count as below?


I think you need SQL for this.

I would look to separate these two into separate datasets and join them at the month level.

thank you for the reply. Max.

do you mind share me some example to manage this with SQL?

Which connector are you using to get the datasets?

I think what Max is saying is that if you’re querying the datasets via SQL you should be able to use date_trunc(‘month’,updated_date) in one dataset and date_trunc(‘month’,cm_actual_departure_dt) in the other to get the month then join on these.

This means you will have one common x axis in the final dataset, which should allow you to combine both values in one visual.

Depending on your sql technology here is something you can do.

SELECT date_trunc(‘month’,updated_Date) month, legal_po_id, ad_po FROM table po_changed
LEFT JOIN (SELECT date_trunc(‘month’,cm_actutal_departure_dt_554) month, ad_po FROM table) shipped_po ON po_changed.month=shipped_po.month