Is there a way to "disable" the calculation in Data Prep

Afternoon All - First post here.

Is there a way to disable the calculation refresh every time I create a calculated field in Data Prep?

I’m currently preparing the data for multiple columns where i’m having to create multiple calculated columns. I know what columns I need to create but every time I create a calculated column it does a refresh taking multiple minutes.

I want to be able to pause calculation, create all my calculated columns and then run calculation once when I have finished.

Thanks Dan

Have you tried turning the Auto Preview Off? It’s in the top right portion of the Data Prep


Thanks Max,

I have this disabled as my Auto-Preview doesn’t populate due to ~80% of the data being pivoted out.
It does save a few seconds but the majority of the time is taken by the fields refreshing/calculating.


Unfortunately that is the only action you can take to speed it up. It will always refresh when you make a new calculation.

Let me flag this as a feature-request so that people can see it.