Is there any way I can create a multi-valued parameter?

Sharing a view of a dashboard I’m working on. I have a dataset that contains scores. These scores are classified per segment.

A: 98%-100%
B: 95%-97%
C: 90%-94%
D: 80%-89%
E: Below 79%

I have a parameter that shows these simulated values which are the first two sliders on the top.

For all individuals with score below X, if we change score to Y then I will get the simulated scores.
I have added a filter for the segmentation.

However, as you can see, I can only change the value starting from the bottom segment all the way up to top. This means that if I wanted to only change the score for segment B, while keeping the others as same will not be possible with this parameter I created.

What I can only do is select a specific segment to change but it will not show how it affected the overall score.

What I wanted to see if possible, if I change all individuals on segment X to score Y, will show me an overall simulated score. Any ideas how can I possibly do that? Thank you.

Hi, you can create a filter on segment, and another filter on score. And then, let segment control score, by setting up the relevant values option of “score” control:

pickup “segment”

So, you choose segment, the score will only display the relevant scores of this segment.