Line chart formatting issue

In my line chart, QS is automatically sorting it in descending order. My monthly data from Jan to Mar is descending but notice the April number is bigger than March. In my line chart, QS is automatically formatting is so April data shows before March. Please advise on making the update. Thank you in advance!

Jan 0.23
Feb 0.19
Mar 0.14
Apr 0.17
chart QS


You need to select the sort option as image shared.

Hi Naveed,

Thank you for your response. I have tried the sort options, here is a screenshot. It’s still not putting the date in the x axis in order. I have tried both ascending & descending options.


if your data type is string format then it will not work.


On Data-prep try to change the data type to “Date format”

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You can change it on its base data source. This will work.