Love QuickSight? See the Meetup Photos!

Love QuickSight? Attend the daily QuickSight Meetup during re:Invent at the La Dolce Vita Cafe by the LOVE artwork.

Look for experts in the “Ask Me About Amazon QuickSight” t-shirts.

Time: 7:30 AM - 9 AM, PST
Daily, Nov 29 - Dec 2

Start your day meeting with QuickSight experts! Ask questions, and get an opportunity to pick up some cool SWAG!

Directions: Enter the Waterfall Atrium Entrance from Las Vegas Blvd, between the The Venetian and The Palazzo. Proceed to La Dolce Vita Cafe next to the LOVE art landmark.

Learn more about QuickSight at re:Invent.


Wow, I am feeling so grateful today. What fun meeting up with so many QuickSight experts, users, advocates, partners, and team leaders this morning.

For some reason, it really struck me that I have been fortunate enough to be working with and for the QuickSight team now for over 4 years. I’ll never forget the launch, almost 4 years to the day, of our ML Insights feature at re:Invent 2018, and how exciting that was. And now we have so many exciting launches that build upon those capabilities and more.

Here are some of my favorite moments from this morning’s meetup. For anyone at re:Invent, would love to see you for coffee and stories of how you are using QuickSight, and how we can help you even more over the next few days.

We’ll be at or near the LOVE artwork, each of the next 3 days, from 7:30-9am. The Waterfall Cafe has a new name though, “La Dolce Vita”, which seems highly appropriate. Loving the “sweet life” this week with other members of the AWS and QuickSight Community.

Cheers to all!


Today’s launches: AWS Announces Five New Capabilities for Amazon QuickSight | Business Wire