Macrons do not appear to be working in a control

Hi guys,

Another Question/Suggestion.

We have a client who uses Macrons in there site names as highlighted here: Auckland - Tāmaki-makau-rau.

However, when adding a parameter and a control to the page, when selecting the option that has a macron in the controls dropdown, it returns no data in the charts and tables this control is connected to instead of the correct data that is shown.

Is there any way we are currently able to use macrons in the controls? We are unable to change the wording due to cultural reasons.

Thanks in advance

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Jake. Can you provide a screenshot if possible? We will look into it and come back with a solution. Thanks!

It will also be useful for us to know if

  • the dataset uses SPICE (QuickSight’s in-memory database) or direct query
  • if you see macrons when previewing data in QuickSight
  • where the data is coming from? (S3, RedShift, Oracle, etc…)

Hi @Jacob. Has this been resolved? If so, please help the community by marking the appropriate post as “Solution”. If you still need assistance, please provide additional detail. Thanks!

No sorry, there was never a solution.

@Tatyana_Yakushev We had to remove the macrons from the data source.

The data was using a direct query from Sql.

The macrons are visible in the data set and on the analysis and dashboards within quicksight, its only when we select them in the controls and parameters, the parameters dont seem to pick up on the macrons and the macrons do not work.

It seems they arent picked up in the calculated fields either

They do appear in the control dropdowns btw, they just cant be filtered on

Hi Jacob,
Are you unblocked now by removing the macrons from the data source?

We can test behavior of controls with text that has macron characters and fix the issues we find. What specific data source are you using? Is it Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, …?

Hi @Jacob

Checking in. We have not heard back from you regarding your question.

We’d still like to help if needed, otherwise, if we do not hear back in the next 7 days, we will archive the question."