Management of QuickSight analyses for developers

We are new to QuickSight but have quickly developed a lot of analyses and dashboards, many of which are redundant. I need a tool that allows developers to enter one or more keywords so they can quickly find any existing analyses that might have addressed the problem that they are trying to solve.

The easiest thing to do would be to add keywords or labels to the analysis but I have not found any way to do this. For the time being I would prefer not to have to make use of an API. I would like something that the person creating the analysis could do this themselves.

Is this possible to do? Thanks.

Without the use of api you could only do this via analysis names or you could add them to shared folders where you organize the folders by keywords.

Thanks for your quick answer! This is helpful- I had no idea you could associate folders with keywords. I still think it would be useful to be able to tag individual analyses since there are lots of different dimensions that we might need to search by- perhaps I’ll make a feature request. thanks again.

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Just to clarify I am saying you would have nested folders inside the folders, which would be your keywords.