March 2024 Amazon QuickSight events

Amazon QuickSight powers data-driven organizations with unified business intelligence (BI) at hyperscale. With Amazon Q in QuickSight, business analysts and business users can use natural language to build, discover, and share meaningful insights in seconds, turning insights into impact faster.

We host both in-person and virtual events across the globe to bring direct learning resources to our customers. Explore our recurring QuickSight Learning Series, PartnerCast, and Immersion Day events, sign-up for ones that fit your interests, and share this post with others!

Recurring weekly online events

Recurring monthly online events

  • Introduction to QuickSight | First and second Thursdays (AMER and EMEA)
  • Latest Features PartnerCast | First Fridays (AMER and EMEA)
  • Author Immersion Days | Second Wednesdays (AMER) and last Wednesdays (APAC/EMEA)
  • Rotating Immersion Days | Third Wednesdays (AMER)

To sign up, check the events page on the QuickSight Community.

March 2024 events

Introduction to QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight Learning Series

  • Best practices: Versioning and restoration | AMER/APAC/EMEA | March 5 / March 7
  • IAM Identity Center integration with QuickSight | AMER/APAC/EMEA | March 12 / March 14
  • QuickSight cost and usage visuals in the CUDOS dashboard | AMER/APAC/EMEA | March 19 / March 21
  • Cost and usage dashboard & secure asset control with restricted shared folders (hosted in Japanese) | APAC | March 27
  • Databricks integration with QuickSight | AMER/APAC/EMEA | March 26 / March 28

Did you miss out on last month’s sessions? Watch them on demand here.

Amazon QuickSight Latest Features Deep Dive, by PartnerCast

  • Trusted identity propagation for Redshift | AMER/EMEA | March 15 | webinar

Powered by AWS Generative AI/BI Roadshows

  • Leader’s Roundtable: Generative AI, data & analytics innovation (invite-only) | Chicago | March 14 | in-person event
  • Data governance, generative BI and NoCode ML | Stockholm | March 14| in-person event
  • Powered by QuickSight and Amazon Q| Chicago | March 14 | in-person event

QuickSight Author Immersion Day

Walk through of the QuickSight author workshop

  • AMER | March 13 | virtual workshop

Rotating Immersion Day

  • Building stunning dashboards in QuickSight | AMER | March 20 | virtual workshop

 Check out our QuickSight events calendar for a chronological order of these sessions

Stay up to date

Events are subject to change/cancellation. Check the events page on the QuickSight Community for the most up-to-date calendar. The QuickSight Community is the official one-stop-shop where BI enthusiasts from around the globe can access over 300 learning resources, explore QuickSight for free with Arena, get updated on feature launches, and ask/answer questions with other QuickSight users. Bookmark the calendar view and subscribe by clicking on the bell icon to be notified when new events get posted.

About the Author

Madi Hsieh is a Program Manager with Amazon QuickSight at AWS. As a recent graduate from UCLA and previous intern for the QuickSight Customer Success team, Madi is excited to step into this full-time role. She works with evangelizing the QuickSight Community and the enablement of learning resources available to Amazon QuickSight customers.

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