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I have previously asked if there was any feature that allowed me to could create a checkbox, or anything similar in order to mark specific rows from a table as reviewed or not. I have already been answered that this does not exist. However, I was wondering if someone knows any other way to differentiate specific rows while reviewing the data on the dashboard. Maybe something related to formatting or controls might suit my needs. Any ideas are more than welcome!

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Hello @nquin308 !

Are you wanting to distinguish rows in a table?

If so, on the top right corner of the visual, click the pencil and on the left hand side menu that appears, press the drop down for “Cells”.

From there you will see and option for Background, if you click the box for alternate colors it will highlight every other row in a color of your choice.

You can also do conditional formatting to highlight a specific row, but to do that based on an event like marking something as complete, or a Boolean, you will need to assign a value like 1 = Checked and 2 = Not checked.


Through QuickSight embedded experience you can simulate reviewed checkbox equivalent functionality.
QuickSight SDK 2.0 has introduced callback functionality Add embedded callback actions at runtime in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight.

(1) On a table you can add reviewed column/field.

(2) End user accessing QuickSight table visual within embedded application page can click on reviewed rows to trigger callback action, capturing those actions in an application recordset/object. On clicking of submit button on application page all selected/reviewed records they will be write back into backend database, changing reviewed column to value “Yes”.

(3) Using conditional formatting at page reload (navigation action) it will show check icon or bg-color conditionally for all rows with “yes” value in reviewed cloumn.

Anwar Ali

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