Merging mannual and automated data

how to combine one mannual and one sql sheet; I want to create a dataset for which I have week 1 to week 8 data in excel and remaining data from week 9 onwards i want to take from redshift with sql query. I want the dashboard automated but it should include mannual data also…please help how to do

Hi @mjdhav I think it sounds like you need to UNION data? That is not currently possible, but I will mark that as a feature-request.
The workaround I would suggest would be to convert your excel to csv and upload it to S3. You can then use QuickSight with Athena to union the data in your csv and your Redshift cluster into a single dataset.

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Yes,you are right, we are now in process of automate the reporting but it becomes difficult for us to include previous mannul data in same dashboard view… I dont have have access to link S3 location…I do have access to redshift ,kindly suggest basis that if possible

Until you get your process automated, and since you don’t have access to S3, perhaps you could try this:
Create a view in Redshift that contains all the dates starting with the earliest date of your Redshift data and ending 8 weeks later.
Then create a dataset for that view, and then join both your Redshift data and your Excel data to that single date dimension in QuickSight.
Would that work?

Can anyone please tell me the simple way of doing union of excel mannual data and redshift data

Hello @mjdhav , hope you are doing well.

Unfortunately at the moment in Quicksight you cannot union data coming from different datasources. In order to do a UNION you will need to load the data into a SQL based engine (such as Redshift, Athena or RDS) and then do a union using SQL query in QuickSight.

Unfortunately this is the only option until UNION is natively supported in QuickSight dataset editor.

I am archiving this topic as the answer to it was provided.

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