Multiselect Fields to Change Format

I have an analysis with multiple fields where I need to change the format.
I was only possible to select a single field at a time and change the format for the specific field. However, I would like to multiselect fields and change the format of them alltogether instead of going over all of them.
Is this possible?
If not, can you please add this as a feature request?


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I’m don’t think this is possible.

Can you explain further of what you are trying to do?

In the meantime, I can mark this as a feature request

Lets say I have the columns revenue and profit which are currently falsely formatted as percentages. I would like to select both columns and change both of their format in one go. However I am only able to do the change for one single column in Quicksight. Thereby I need to do the change in format 2 times as I can’t change the format of 2 columns in one go.
In Tableau for example, you can multiselect columns in your worksheet (by using STRG + Click) and change all of their format in one go.

Ahh, yes you need to do this manually now. I will mark this as a feature request.

Thanks for reaching out!