Need to do Measure fields transformation

Hi Experts ,

I have a data like this ( please refer screenshot 1 ) &

But I need out put like this ( please refer screenshot 2 )

Note: Expenses columns are measure fields
Kindly help to fix the issue.

Hello @ArnaJi88, are you able to alter how you are building out your dataset? A transformation like this will likely require you to edit how you are querying your data and to build out a new table view through custom SQL. You would basically want a single column that would return Expense Type, and then you could return the items related to each Expense Type. This way, each row would only contain one type of expense and you could aggregate the number of items.

Hello @ArnaJi88, did my above response help guide you towards your desired output on this issue? If so, please mark it as the solution. Otherwise, let me know what problems you are facing while trying to implement this change and I can try to assist you further. If we do not hear back from you in 3 days, I will archive this question. Please let me know where you are at in this process so we can guide you towards a solution. Thank you!

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