Need to pass a measure value dynamically in another measure graph

Here Dispatch Sent and Dispatch Total should be visible in my third measure group when i change the customername and campaign name filters.

I tried creating an parameter and linked that parameter to the dispatchsent measure and used that parameter in the title edit, but it shows always ‘ALL’

Test dataset for this analysis

Hi @Venkat1489

Apologies but i’m a little unclear as to what you’re trying to do here and what is not working.

Can you provide more details as to the expected visuals and behavior?


Hi @Ramon_Lopez,

Basically i have 3 measures e.g. M1, M2, M3 (all 3 from one dataset) and i want show that in single visual like below when i change the company and department filter it should change accordingly.



got it- unfortunately to my knowledge there is no way to setup a parameter as the OUTPUT of a measure.

Two options i can think of.

1- Use free form layout, create three KPI’s, change they’re styling and layer them on ‘on top of’ each other. This might be a bit tricky to format but using a few different tricks can be VERY flexible.

2- My preferred approach would be to customize a narrative to include all three measures in your desired text format.

Some steps to achieve #2 above.

a- create new insight
b- choose ‘total aggregation’
c- add all 3 measures to measures field well
d- click on 3dots for insight>‘customize narrative’
e- add m2 and m3 as additional total aggregation computation
f- add formattedvalues and any other text to narrative.

Hope this helps!
Ramon Lopez

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Hi @Ramon_Lopez ,

This is really perfect solution, exactly i was looking for the same. You saved my time.
Thanks a lot for the clear explanation and for sharing different approaches. i too followed the 2nd approach.

Thanks again, you rocked.