Not all values are shown in the multi-select dropdown until 'refresh' is clicked

I have a dynamic multi-select dropdown menu which is based on the following calculation.

toString(extract(‘YYYY’, ifelse(${CalendarSwitch} = ‘Fiscal’, addDateTime(-8, ‘MM’, DateFormated), DateFormated)))

The strange thing user noticed was, when the user opens the dashboard for the first time on any given day, it only displays 2018,2019,2020,2021,2022.

So, it’s missing 2023.

Then, the user found that 3dots(…) on the KPI has a ‘refresh’ link.
When the user clicks on that ‘refresh’, then, user starts to see different lists such ass 2019,2020,2021,2022,2023.

And that’s what we want to see from the beginning.

I see the ‘refresh’ link is issuing this call. I am curious if QuickSight is only displaying any given 5 but with sampling as the URL contains (tenK-sample). Or, is the above calculation causing this symptom?

When a user does refresh it, 2023 shows up then it stays.

This is not easy to replicate(probably once a day?).

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Can you check your analysis and see if behaves the same?

If so, can you refresh it in the analysis and then publish it after it’s been refreshed in the analysis?

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Several users including me saw this happen only once. (not once a day) As soon as you click on ‘refresh’ , then the symptom goes away. So, I can’t replicate this

Both analysis and dashboard show the same thing at the moment.